Composite roofing has made its mark in the roofing industry as the fastest growing market over the last decade and the inventors of Paragon’s products have been at the leading edge of that market since 1999. Paragon is not just a name, it represents our attitude towards developing the best composite roofing on the planet! Paragon’s products are the perfect example of the top products in the composite roofing industry, the pinnacle of quality, performance, looks, and price. New material performance and unique features translate to easier installation, superior performance, and stylish designs, all while saving you money.

Paragon Roof Systems proudly manufactures in the United States utilizing the latest in recycled composite roofing technology. Using the most innovative materials, processes, and designs on the market, Paragon offers composite High Barrel Spanish roof tile, Mission roof tile, Natura Shake and Natura Slate.

See why Paragon does indeed mean “a model of excellence!”

What Our Customers Say

"..when my contractor introduced me to the latest Paragon synthetic cedar shake I was sure it met all my upgrade requirements. I could not be happier with my new Paragon synthetic cedar shake roof. From evaluating the samples to ultimately seeing my installed roof, I am convinced my choice of the Paragon product is the undisputed best."
Louis | Homeowner – Dallas, TX
"We were very pleased with the Paragon shakes that we used on our Champion Ranch project! The Paragon shakes themselves are a very well-designed product! The water drain channels built into the shakes are a really nice design feature, and their ability to interlock with one another will really help protect against wind uplift."
Lee | Pahmiyer Roofing
"If I could only put on one more roof type for the rest of my life….. it would be a Paragon Roof Systems roof. Nobody comes close to the quality, looks, performance or price of Paragon.”
Johnathon | Contractors - Florida
"Paragon’s High Barrel Vintage Clay is the most beautiful roof I have ever installed. Absolutely perfect lines and a perfect color."
Blake | Contractor - Texas
"Paragon was exactly what I needed. More realistic, faster install, and better priced than any of the other composites I have used."
Eric | Contractor - Louisiana
"My customer is very happy with their Paragon shake. It is nice to have a company deliver even better than they say they will.”
Chris | Contractor - North Carolina
"Paragon is amazing. The final cost installed on my customers home was less than the material cost of some of the industry’s competitors. And the Paragon roof looks better, and installs easier. Paragon has changed the game with their products."
James | Contractor - Texas
"I LOVE my Paragon Spanish tile. Paragon made my custom color request better than I anticipated."
Susan | Homeowner – Honduras
"From my intricately custom color to the communication and precise delivery of all the materials and accessories- this was well worth every penny. All I can say, “work of art”! If you want ordinary, mundane or plain- do not buy this! It has too much wow factor!"
Jennifer | Homeowner – Utah
"Paragon Roof Systems worked tirelessly with my contractor to educate them on their product. Our slate was a custom color blend, the skill and commitment that Paragon made to ensure the color blend was perfect for a truly natural look was beyond expectations.
Chuck | Architect/Homeowner – Dallas, TX
"The owner politely and respectfully addressed and answered all questions that either I or my contractor had during the installation process. I 100% recommend Paragon Roof Systems without reservation for someone wanting to go with the Mediterranean style look."
Cleve | Homeowner – Alabama
"My custom color slate is absolutely perfect. I could not ask for more."
Nicole | Homeowner – Utah