About Us

Paragon is not just a company. It is not just a name or a product. Paragon is a commitment to all our customers and to the composite industry itself. Paragon Roof Systems embodies the epitome of excellence on all levels. Paragon cherishes the ideals of perfection whether it is in its products or in the personal relationships we establish with our clients. Paragon strives to offer the utmost in customer service, thereby exceeding expectations, to complement their superior products.

There’s a reason to choose Paragon. We are not another investment company owned business. The founders of Paragon are hands on people involved in all areas of the company. Paragon does not license or copy their techniques or materials. All of Paragon’s products, technology, and machinery are owned and developed personally by Paragon. One of Paragon’s founders, Billibob Boor, has 20 plus years in the composite roofing industry. The reason Billibob’s technology is so different is because he comes from a unique background of automotive engineering and quality control. Where many companies just make a similar version or copy of other products in the industry, or just acquire a company, Billibob has always looked to create something completely unique that not only performs but has a positive impact on the environment. That is why he and his team engineers everything utilizing as much quality recycled material as possible. His quality control background and respect for the industry is why he spent almost two years interviewing leading roofing companies and roofing artisans asking what the problems were with traditional products and what they would do to better the industry and products. It was this information that he used as his benchmark on his first products that changed industry standards. It is this same process again that is being used to yet again change the industry.

Billibob was the first to invent and patent the multi-coloring process. Billibob was the first to produce a Class A Spanish tile without the need for expensive decking materials or systems. He was the first to create a Class 4 impact rated Spanish Tile. He was the first to create a composite barrel tile that has Miami Dade NOA approvals.

Paragon has come from his vision for the future and his experience in the past, his thought to never be happy or complacent with where we are at, to continue to use the drive inside us to make things better, to create a product that truly is a performer, to have a lifetime warranty with actual ratings to stand behind, to make these products more affordable so more of the world’s hard working people can afford to have a quality roof and the look they want without breaking the bank, to have true to life looks and easier installation. He has used his experience and vision, along with the wonderful team of hard working people at Paragon to give you an ally in your search for a roofing product.

Welcome to the Paragon family. Let us help you with whatever your needs are. We look forward to showing you why we picked the name Paragon.

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