When we received feedback about our Natura Shake synthetic cedar shake roofing product, we listened. We were asked to add a straight course Natura Shake option, and within six weeks we added this new profile to our line. The straight course option is now available along with our staggered pattern product. Cedar shake roofing is … Continued

When a building owner is making the critically important decision about which roofing materials to use, there are several factors that need to be considered. In our experience as a leading manufacturer of composite roof material, buyers seem to be most concerned with the durability, longevity, aesthetics, and price of their roofing. One of our … Continued

Paragon Roof Systems is excited to debut the latest roofing profile in their wide range of composite roof offerings. Single Width Natura Slate is the second slate profile that Paragon offers. (Wink, wink… there is a third one on the way. Watch for details to come!) The addition of Paragon’s Single Width Natura Slate means … Continued

A discerning customer in North Carolina was searching for a new roof for their mountain home. This unique customer had a special appreciation for composite roofing as a retired executive of an Orlando-based theme park. The theme park that our customer worked for has a history of demanding superior product performance and realistic appearance. Few … Continued

Paragon Roof Systems is excited to announce that we have achieved Florida Product Code approval for every profile in our line of composite roofing products. Following the devastation of repeated hurricanes, the state of Florida established a rigorous product approval system in 2003. Per this code, certain building components, including roofing products, are required to … Continued

Chuck Berberich, an architect in the Dallas area, searched for over a year for the perfect synthetic roofing product. He knew Paragon was developing a multi-width, staggered composite slate, and that fit the bill perfectly. Chuck had a vision for his home and he wanted a unique mottled color blend. He knew, as an architect, … Continued

Paragon has achieved another first with the introduction of its composite Modern Flat Concrete profile. The innovative team behind Titan and Brava roofing products has developed the first synthetic flat concrete profile to ever hit the market. Always on the cutting edge of innovation, Paragon identified a need in the roofing industry. Customers who want … Continued

Spanish tile roofing is a highly desirable look that has traditionally only been found in clay or concrete tile. It features a one-piece curved design, creating a pattern of distinctive ripples across the roof surface. Paragon is proud to announce the introduction of our high barrel Spanish tile roofing composite roofing product. The inventor of … Continued

Paragon Roofing Systems is excited to announce the successful launch of our new company website. Our recently developed online home features extensive information on the complete line of Paragon composite roofing products. About Paragon Roof Systems Paragon Roof System is a new company, but not new to the roofing industry. Our team was founded by … Continued

Who is Paragon Roof Systems?

Paragon is a new company backed by industry leading inventors with more than 20 years in the composite roofing field. The founders of Paragon are also the technology inventors of both the Titan Roof System materials and the Brava Roof Tile materials. Titan was sold in 2008 after the market crash. Brava Roof Tile was … Continued

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