Paragon Creates Custom Spanish Tile for TV’s Fixer Upper Series

Paragon Roof Systems is setting new standards in the roofing industry with our versatile, high-performance composite roofing products. Innovations such as Paragon’s multi-coloring process and light-weight, gun-nailable tile have made Paragon the roofing industry’s preferred choice for high-quality, customizable roofing. Paragon’s revolutionary Spanish tile roofing product has even earned a seal of approval from home renovation power couple Chip and Joanna Gaines of Fixer Upper fame.

Fixer Upper - Welcome home

Paragon Makes its Magnolia Network Debut

When it first aired in 2013, the Fixer Upper series quickly became a fan favorite for home improvement junkies. The show has since generated such a tremendous following that Chip and Joanna have grown it into the highly successful Magnolia brand and network. The new series, Fixer Upper: Welcome Home currently airs on the Magnolia network.

The sixth episode of the first season, Mediterranean Money Pit, featured an expansive 1970s era property in Waco, Texas. Number one on the homeowners’ wish list was to remain in keeping with the home’s Spanish style, while also incorporating updated design and structural elements. This home’s roofing needs and Paragon would be a match made in heaven.

Paragon Spanish Roof magnolia debut

Waco Roofing Expert Turns to Paragon for Composite Roofing

The Fixer Upper team had enlisted the services of Pahmiyer Roofing & Construction, a Waco, Texas area roofing expert with over a decade of experience. Having worked with Paragon before, PRC knew right away that Paragon’s Spanish composite roofing was the perfect choice for the job.

Knowing that the home owners desired not only the right aesthetics for their roof, but also the benefit of low maintenance, PRC knew that Paragon’s versatile and durable composite tiles would be ideal.

Finding the Perfect Color for the Roofing Tile

Paragon’s composite high-barrel Spanish tile was a perfect choice with its authentic, classic look. The lightweight design of this tile helped to preserve the renovation budget, since no structural roof changes were required. Finding just the right color would be a challenge, as Joanna is known for being extremely discerning when it comes to detail.

The multi-coloring process developed by our company president and inventor, Billibob Boor, provided Paragon with a distinct advantage in creating the perfect custom color. The Fixer Upper design team sent samples of four different colors of clay, which they wanted to be modeled into a multi-color blend. The designers gave feedback on suggested percentages of visible color hues that they would like to target.

Color Experimenting

Paragon Develops Custom Roofing Color Blends

The Paragon team went to work quickly to develop multiple custom colors that would mimic the look of the genuine clay tiles. According to PRC, Joanna loved the sample tiles she was shown. She initially chose the MB-6 color blend, but decided on the MB-7 color blend, preferring a darker tone.

Spanish tile Color testing angle 1
Spanish tile Color Testing angle 2
Spanish Stile Roof Installation angle 1
Spanish tile roof installation angle 2

The project installation began on April 21, 2021. The roofers experienced no problems with the installation and did a phenomenal job that pleased both Chip and Joanna, as well as the homeowners. The episode aired on July 15, 2021, coinciding with the launch of the brand new Magnolia Network TV app.

Magnolia Blend is Born!

Paragon Spanish high barrel composite tile met the project requirements for an attractive, durable roofing tile, with the added benefits of being lightweight and easy to install. That being said, we are pretty sure our custom blended color sealed the deal for Joanna. So, in honor of this Mediterranean masterpiece, Paragon will be adding “Magnolia Blend” to our Spanish Tile color selections.

Our team is proud to have been a part of this project. We would be equally honored to assist you with making your dream roof a reality. Give us a call to discuss the perfect style and color for your composite roofing tile!

Magnolia blend on roof

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