Paragon High Barrel Spanish Tile Sets New Industry Standard

High Barrel Vintage aerial angle

Spanish tile roofing is a highly desirable look that has traditionally only been found in clay or concrete tile. It features a one-piece curved design, creating a pattern of distinctive ripples across the roof surface.

Paragon is proud to announce the introduction of our high barrel Spanish tile roofing composite roofing product. The inventor of Titan and Brava roofing products has developed the first synthetic high barrel tile to ever hit the market.

The Paragon High Barrel Spanish Tile Difference

Using castings of traditional high barrel clay tile, Paragon’s synthetic high barrel tile is lightweight, extremely durable, and very attractive. The developers of Paragon’s high barrel tile have also accomplished an industry first by designing a tile with a traditional exposure of 14”.

Paragon’s composite high-barrel Spanish tile offers the classic high barrel look, but in a lightweight design that is suitable for any roofing project. This versatile and innovative roofing product has only 85 pieces per roofing square and weighs 230 pounds per square.

Traditional Spanish tile, and most other industry composite spanish tiles, can only be hand nailed because gun nailing risks the chance of damage and voiding of the warranty. This can mean wasted time and unanticipated costs due to special non-stocked nail requirements. To meet consumer demand, Paragon has also developed our high-barrel Spanish tile roofing to be truly gun nailable. To ease installation, it also features an auto-locating nail gun guide.

Paragon Roofing Product Advantages

Paragon believes in continually improving roofing products, setting new industry standards for quality, beauty, ease-of-use, and lasting durability. Our high performance roofing materials feature a lifetime warranty that is backed by actual ratings. Paragon roofing products are also affordable, so you can afford a quality roof and with the high-end look you desire.

Paragon’s newest profile gives homeowners the option of a high-end Spanish tile without the weight concerns often plaguing homeowners. All of this and it’s covered by the best warranty in the industry.

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