Hotel Indigo Selects Paragon Natura Mission Tile

Hotel indigo fitted with Paragons Natura Mission Tile

When a building owner is making the critically important decision about which roofing materials to use, there are several factors that need to be considered. In our experience as a leading manufacturer of composite roof material, buyers seem to be most concerned with the durability, longevity, aesthetics, and price of their roofing. One of our recent customers, the owners of Hotel Indigo, found Paragon when looking for quality roofing materials. Hotel Indigo maintains a very unique collection of properties that reflect local culture, so aesthetics were very important in their decision.

The customer was considering several composite roofing products. They said they ultimately decided to select Paragon Natura Mission Tile Roofing because they really liked the look of the tiles and liked the fact that Paragon would create a custom color for them. Another Paragon benefit contributing to their decision was the design of our roofing products. Specifically, the fact that the tile can be gun nailed and has only 85 pieces per square for faster installation were factors that made them choose Paragon. In addition to these factors, they said that the pricing was by far the most competitive.

Ultimately, the manager of the Hotel Indigo property was extremely pleased with the finished Paragon Natura Mission Tile roof, which they said looks amazing. Once again, Paragon exceeded all expectations with quality, customer service, and a beautiful roof.

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