Modern Flat Concrete – Another Industry First from Paragon

Modern Flat Concrete composite roof

Paragon has achieved another first with the introduction of its composite Modern Flat Concrete profile. The innovative team behind Titan and Brava roofing products has developed the first synthetic flat concrete profile to ever hit the market.

Always on the cutting edge of innovation, Paragon identified a need in the roofing industry. Customers who want to replace concrete flat tile, but also want the convenience of a composite product, were in need of a new type of composite product. Paragon’s composite Modern Flat Concrete profile is lightweight, extremely durable, and very attractive. This option is now available in a composite flat tile that avoids the extreme weight of concrete and is ideal for all roofing applications.

Separate angle of the modern Concrete composite roofing tile

Paragon Modern Flat Concrete Exclusive Advantages:

  • 7-10 lbs lighter per sq foot of roof
  • Finished installation costs less due to labor savings
  • Stronger and walkable without damaging product
  • Will not grow mold or mildew like concrete does
  • Gun nailable, unlike concrete
  • No additional supports needed for weight
  • Class 4 impact versus concrete class 2

Offering a different appearance than a slate profile, homeowners can now choose the look of flat, square-edged composite tile.

Paragon’s Modern Flat Concrete is part of the Natura line, offering the benefits of easy installation and the best warranty in the industry.

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