Natura Slate Makes a Splash in Dallas

Chuck Berberich, an architect in the Dallas area, searched for over a year for the perfect synthetic roofing product. He knew Paragon was developing a multi-width, staggered composite slate, and that fit the bill perfectly.

Chuck had a vision for his home and he wanted a unique mottled color blend. He knew, as an architect, he would bring a different element of challenge to the project. He shared his color vision with Paragon. It was a custom color that was not an industry standard. Yet, Billibob Boor, Paragon’s CEO, and their product inventor, nailed it. Chuck could not be happier. Not only was the color perfect, but the Natura Slate was exactly the profile he envisioned.

Chuck conveyed that Paragon’s slate was the most realistic he found. When he put Paragon samples against multiple competitors in the synthetic slate market, he said they looked like plastic toys due to lack of detail. He told Paragon that there was no comparison. No one had a product with the imaging that Paragon offered.

Before Paragon's Natural Slate InstallationBefore Installation
After Paragon's Natural Slate roofing installationAfter Installation

Chuck said that his neighbors started inquiring about his new roof as soon as the project started, they were so impressed. “It gets more beautiful every day!” he added.

Thank you, Chuck for the wonderful feedback. It was a pleasure to work with you. Welcome to the Paragon family!

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