Paragon Now Offers Straight Course Natura Shake

Straight Course Natura Shake Boards

When we received feedback about our Natura Shake synthetic cedar shake roofing product, we listened. We were asked to add a straight course Natura Shake option, and within six weeks we added this new profile to our line. The straight course option is now available along with our staggered pattern product.

Cedar shake roofing is a highly desired look, distinguishable by the rustic charm of hand-split wood shakes. A drawback to traditional shake roofing has been the excessive degree of maintenance it requires. Paragon’s Natura Shake roofing offers the beauty of natural wood shake roofing with performance features only Paragon Roof Systems can deliver.

Our Natura Shake synthetic cedar shake is a natural looking shake panel with 12 unique looks, more than any other synthetic shake roofing product on the market. A variety of profile thicknesses are available, from ½” – ¾”, and the panels are designed from actual hand split cedar shakes. A spacing tab allows for easy installation, with each panel using three fasteners.

Natura Shake is gun nailable and offers the appearance of multi-width shakes. Installers who are familiar with cedar shake will be amazed to discover there are only 85 pieces per square to install, as opposed to the 169 or even 192 pieces required with competing products. Installers also know that getting a staggered install can be very time consuming. They will appreciate that both Paragon staggered and straight course install the same way to offer the fastest, most efficient method of installation in the composite shake market.

Paragon is committed to offering not only the highest quality composite products, and now we are the only manufacturer of synthetic roofing to offer two options of shake with 12 distinct panels that eliminates repetition.

Contact Paragon to see our new straight course composite Natura Shake and our staggered look.

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