Retired Orlando-Based Theme Park Executive Chooses Paragon Natura Shake

Natura shake, weathered cedar roof

A discerning customer in North Carolina was searching for a new roof for their mountain home. This unique customer had a special appreciation for composite roofing as a retired executive of an Orlando-based theme park.

The theme park that our customer worked for has a history of demanding superior product performance and realistic appearance. Few materials meet the criteria of the park. After evaluating several of the top synthetic products in the synthetic roofing market and comparing their samples, our customer chose Paragon Natura Shake.

Our customer’s goal was to achieve the look of 15-year-old cedar. Given the realistic appearance compared to actual cedar, the amazing natural color, and the competitive pricing, Paragon Natura Shake was the hands down choice.

According to the customer, the installation was very efficient and the results were amazing. The total project was completed in 48 hours by an experienced, well-respected, top notch installer, Braswell Construction Group.

Once again, Paragon products have proven to maximize efficiency in installation while delivering the desired aesthetic appearance and performance.

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