Paragon Maintains Lead Times Despite Roofing Industry Challenges

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Like most industries, the roofing industry has been hard hit by the impacts of the pandemic shutdowns. A recent Roofing Contractor article discusses the supply chain disruption, and other ways roofing manufacturers and contractors have been affected.

Cited in the article, National Roofing Contractors Association CEO, Reid Ribble, says the industry has experienced disruptions in almost every area, including trucking and transportation issues. Shutdowns effectively stopped buying and manufacturing processes for two months, causing a cascading effect on the industry that remains a problem.

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The article also mentions other disruptive events, including the Texas freeze, Suez Canal blockage, and the perpetual trade war with China. While the industry normally does see shortages and supply issues, these problems are typically not seen so early in the year like it did in 2021. The problem has only continued to get worse in 2022 with new obstacles becoming problems. Fuel prices have continued to increase. Supply chains and material sources have become more problematic, with vaccine regulations shutting down trade routes because some truckers do not want to be forced to take a vaccine. Many unprepared roofing manufacturers have extended lead times in excess of 20 weeks or more. As long as the orders are coming in they seem to be happy making the end user wait.

Paragon is not happy making customers wait and had the foresight to stock raw materials before the pandemic and to plan and implement expansions in order to keep product flowing in a realistic time frame. In 2021 Paragon increased product availability by over 300%. In 2022 Paragon is doubling that capacity again in order to give their customers the priority service and lead times they deserve.

Paragon Roof Systems is committed to being a dependable supplier of quality roofing materials, so we have always put in the extra effort to be prepared. Anticipating the possibility of problems and supply chain issues, we took major steps and committed significant resources to assure that our production could meet our customers’ demands. While other companies tried to just wait out the current market, Paragon took steps to be prepared for the future.

Why pay more for a lower quality product and wait an exorbitant amount of time to get your new roof? Work with a company with vision that values and respects its customers. Work with Paragon.

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