Who is Paragon Roof Systems?

Person installing shake roofing tiles to a roof

Paragon is a new company backed by industry leading inventors with more than 20 years in the composite roofing field. The founders of Paragon are also the technology inventors of both the Titan Roof System materials and the Brava Roof Tile materials.

Titan was sold in 2008 after the market crash. Brava Roof Tile was then launched and grew at a rapid rate. In 2015, a group was licensed to take over the manufacturing and marketing of the three Brava Roof Tile products, and has since taken over ownership. We are proud of Brava Roof Tile’s industry performance. After licensing the Brava Roof Tile products, Paragon’s founders were able to finish developing the Paragon products.

The Paragon product line came about from historical designs, newly engineered features, innovative material technology, and enhanced color capability, which have never come together until now. This combination allows for the manufacturing of Natura Slate, Natura Shake, Mission Tile, and Spanish Tile in a high barrel design. All of these products are setting new benchmarks for industry in terms of aesthetics, performance, and cost.

Paragon is the new complete package for roofing products. We are proud to be elevating customer experience and respect through our standards for customer service.

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