Composite Roofing

Spanish tile roofing is a desirable look, traditionally only found in clay or concrete tile.

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Inspired by Italian, French, and Spanish architecture, mission tile is a predominant style in the tile roofing family.

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Before high performance composites existed, traditional slate roofing was viewed as one of the best roofing materials known to man.

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Shake roofing is a highly sought after look, characterized by the rustic charm of hand-split wood shakes.

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Composite roofing has made its mark in the roofing industry as the fastest growing market in the last decade. Composite roofing offers consumers distinct benefits including:

  • Fire Resistance
  • Resistance to Mold and Algae
  • Ability to Replace Shingles Individually
  • Resistance to Cracking, Splitting, and Warping
  • Durable, Long Service Life
  • UV Resistance
  • Wide Selection of Colors, Shapes, and Sizes

Paragon Innovation Leads the Composite Roofing Industry

The inventors of Paragon composite roofing products have been at the leading edge of the composite market since 1999. Paragon was:

  • First to achieve class A products without the use of special underlayments
  • First and only manufacturer to achieve Class A over spaced sheathing with no special underlayments
  • First and only composite technology on the market to make a barrel tile that will pass Miami Dade

Today, Paragon is taking product performance to a completely new level with the top products in the composite roofing industry. Paragon roofing products represent the pinnacle of quality, performance, looks, and price. New advanced materials and unique patent-pending features mean easier installation and superior performance. These advantages and our impressive designs allow our clients to enjoy a beautiful, high performance roof, while also saving money.

Paragon composite roofing products offer the added benefit of being a truly eco-friendly roofing choice because they are fabricated from recycled plastics, not virgin plastics like some other composite roofing manufacturers.

The Paragon line includes a comprehensive selection of composite roofing options: Spanish tile roofing, mission tile roofing, slate roofing, and shake roofing.

Paragon Roof Systems proudly manufactures in the United States using industry-leading composite roofing technology.