Custom Tile Roofing

Paragon offers you amazing custom tile roofing capabilities.

If you can imagine your dream roof, Paragon will help you realize that dream! The Paragon promise of exceptional customer service includes helping you through the challenging task of achieving the special look you desire for your home. Our custom tile roofing capabilities allow us to do just that.

Paragon custom tile roofing allows homeowners to choose a product made from superior materials that delivers a superior level of performance. Not only will our custom roofing color capabilities allow you to match the color you envision, our beautiful profiles of shake, slate, or barrel tile will complete your desired look.

Paragon custom tile roofing capabilities include the ability to match old profiles of clay, concrete, and other materials that are no longer in production. Our custom tile roofing is ideal for insurance repairs or historical renovations. Now your restoration can keep the look it was meant to have.

Paragon develops and produces their own machinery and molds in house, keeping the overhead low and passing those savings on to the people we appreciate most – our customers.

You can place your confidence in Paragon. Your new roof is within your grasp.

Contact us so we can design custom roofing for you!

Natura Shake roof in staggered custom Tahoe