Eco Friendly Roofing

Paragon cares about the environment just as you do.

Just as we are committed to providing you with a beautiful, high-performance roof, Paragon is equally committed to honoring the environment. That is why we are diligent in our use of high-quality recycled material to produce the best performing eco-friendly roofing products.

Eco-friendly roofing materials reduce landfill waste and the need to process raw materials, which effectively reduces energy consumption and pollution, while preserving natural resources.

The Paragon Eco-Friendly Roofing Difference

High Barrel tile roof in Vintage Clay

To promote good stewardship on this planet, the founders of Paragon have historically utilized over 35 million pounds of recycled polymer material in our eco-friendly roofing products. While other composite roofing manufacturers use only virgin materials, we choose the use of superior quality recycled materials as a more sustainable approach.

Not only is Paragon eco-friendly roofing a more responsible choice, other composites simply do not compare to the quality of Paragon.

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