Frequently Asked Questions

Since 1999, the developers of Paragon Roofing Systems have led the composite roofing industry with quality products and composite roofing design innovations. As experts in composite roofing, we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions we encounter from customers. If you do not see your questions answered here, please let us know! We are always here to help!

    • Composite roofing has been the fastest growing roofing segment in the roofing industry. The ability to get an architectural roof such as shake, slate or barrel tile in a composite product that is lightweight, durable and easier to install is very appealing to discerning consumers. Not only will you add curb appeal, but you may also get an insurance discount.

    • The products offered by Paragon represent the latest in design and technology in the composite roofing market. Stronger material, timeless designs, and easier installation translate into more desirable products for the consumer. The technology inventors and founders of Paragon have been making products for 20 years without any product failures. Clients include theme parks, U.S. Government, churches, residential buildings, and commercial buildings. Paragon takes pride in the quality of their products. It is of the utmost importance to make sure each customer is happy with their purchase.

    • New and unique developed features allow for the industry’s first Spanish tile that can be gun nailed. No more hand nailing for fear of breakage.
      No specialty nails are needed so traditional equipment can be used.
      The Natura shake and Natura slate can also be gun nailed, plus they have a spacing tab to make installation quick and professional.
      All three profiles have 85 pieces per roofing square. Handling fewer pieces translates into faster installation.

    • Yes, all of Paragon’s products proudly boast Class 4 impact.

    • Yes, Paragon offers standard colors in each of their profiles, and in addition, offers custom colors to meet any client’s needs.

    • Both Natura shake and Natura slate offer many benefits over both natural shake and real slate, as well as other composites. Both are very realistic looking as the images are designed from actual hand-split cedar and natural slates. Comparing the cost for Natura shake and Natural slate against natural products or other synthetic, you will find Paragon to be the best buy on the market as well as the highest performing.

      Their lightweight feature is very important. Both products are among the lightest on the market. With only 85 pieces per square, the installation is not only more efficient than other composite products but requires fewer fasteners. The staggered appearance offers the look of a realistic, labor-intensive installation with none of the headaches.

      Natura shake and Natura slate will not break.

    • Yes, Paragon’s products are approved for all climates.

    • Yes, Paragon’s Limited Lifetime warranty is the best in the market. It is transferable one time and there is no transfer fee as with other composite roofing companies. Paragon also does not take away key components of the warranty as do other composite roofing manufacturers after a transfer is made.

    • Call the Paragon office and a representative will help you with any information you need, including technical information.

    • All of Paragon’s products can be installed with standard tools, no special tools required. All the products can be gun nailed or hand nailed. Yes, even the Spanish tile can be gun nailed thanks to the new and unique features found only on Paragon Spanish high barrel and mission tile.

    • Paragon uses recycled polymers for the base component of their roofing products. The founders of Paragon have historically utilized over 35 million pounds of recycled polymer material in their eco-friendly roofing products.

    • No, there are no harmful chemicals, Paragon has done testing to verify.

    • Yes, it is the most walkable roof in the industry.