Lightweight Roof Tiles

Paragon delivers the benefits of authentic tile in a lightweight roofing product.

Tile is a classic roofing material, prized for its beauty and high degree of durability. Traditionally, most tile roofing has been made from slate, fired clay, or terra cotta. Consequently, a serious drawback to using tile roofing is the extreme weight of these materials, as well as the cost.

The weight of traditional roof tile has been a problem not only for new construction, but especially in the case of a roof replacement. In most cases if the original roof installation was asphalt, a structure may not be properly engineered to bear the weight of a tile roof. Paragon lightweight roofing tiles eliminate this problem with a composite product that delivers the beauty and durability of traditional tile roof but weighing significantly less than actual tile.

Natura Shake roof in Staggered Natural

Paragon lightweight roofing tiles provide lasting performance.

Paragon has devoted over 20 years of experience to developing industry-leading roofing technology that provides a new level of material performance. Key advantages of our lightweight roofing tiles include:

  • Fewer pieces per square – less chance of leaks
  • Designed for faster installation
  • Lower material costs – no need for special order nails
  • High-strength durable materials
  • Highly customizable
  • Environmentally friendly

Paragon lightweight roofing tile products are designed to meet the needs of contractors and homeowners alike. From improving aesthetics and installation techniques to extending service life and minimizing product cost, Paragon develops roofing solutions that never sacrifice performance and quality.

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