Paragon Roofing Benefits

Paragon believes in continually improving roofing products and raising the bar for quality, beauty, ease-of-use, and lasting durability. We have succeeded in creating high performance roofing materials with a lifetime warranty that is backed by actual ratings. Paragon roofing products are also affordable, so more of the world’s hard working people can afford to have a quality roof and the look they want without breaking the bank.’

Custom Tile Roofing

Paragon custom tile roofing allows homeowners to choose a product made from superior materials that delivers a superior level of performance.

Eco-Friendly Roofing

Paragon is eco-friendly roofing a more responsible choice, reducing landfill waste and the need to process raw materials, reducing energy consumption and pollution.

Hail Resistant Roofing

Paragon has done extensive testing to make sure we are the best in the market with hail resistant roofing that will stand up to weather’s most punishing affects.

Lightweight Roofing Tiles

Paragon lightweight roofing tile products are designed to meet the needs of contractors and homeowners, improving both aesthetics and installation techniques.