Composite Shake Roofing

Shake roofing is a highly sought after look, characterized by the rustic charm of hand-split wood shakes. While aesthetically pleasing, traditional shake roofing has left much to be desired in the area of maintenance. Natura Shake composite roofing now provides the beauty of natural wood shake roofing with performance features only Paragon Roof Systems can deliver.

Natura Shake is a natural looking shake panel with 12 distinct looks – the most of any synthetic shake roofing on the market.   Natura shake varies in profile thickness from ½” – ¾”.  The 12 unique panels are designed from actual hand split cedar shakes.  Featuring a spacing tab for ease of installation, each panel uses three fasteners. Once installed, Natura Shake has the look of a true shake roofing.

Natura Shake is gun nailable, offering the appearance of multi-width shakes, but with fewer fasteners. With only 85 pieces per square, it weighs 2.3 lbs. per square foot, far less than architectural shingles. This makes Natura Shake composite roofing the perfect choice for any roofing project.

Delivering high performance, great aesthetics, and easier installation, all at an affordable price, Natura Shake composite roofing a great option for homeowners and contractors alike.

Composite Shake roofing

Standard Colors

Paragon can develop any custom color you'd like, even color match an existing home or roof.

Weathered Cedar
Rustic Cedar
Natural Cedar
Aged White Cedar
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  • Highest quality synthetic shake available
  • Lightest composite shake on the market
  • Truly gun nailable, easy to install
  • Exceeds Class 4 impact
  • 85 pieces per square with a 12” exposure, fewer fasteners needed.
  • Extremely durable
  • Class A or C Fire
  • Protects environment by utilizing recycled plastics
  • Authentic appearance for economical alternative to natural cedar
  • Available in both variegated colors and solid colors
  • Custom color matching available
  • 12 unique panels are designed from actual hand split cedar shakes, helps avoid repetition
  • Designed with a spacing tab for ease of installation
  • Profile thickness from ½” – ¾”


  • 85 pieces per square with 12” exposure
  • 230 lbs. per roofing square
  • L 17 1/8” x W 13 1/8”, exposure 12”
  • Weight: 2.7 lbs. per piece
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  • Eave Starter: 14 1/2” long
  • Hip and Ridge Cap: L 16 ¼” x W 10 ¾” x H 9 ¼”
  • Solids: L 17” x W 7 ½” x H 7”

Natura Shake Product Video

See this drone video of a recent Natura Shake Staggered Installation in Augusta, Georgia. The new color is called “Tahoe”.