Composite Slate Roofing

Before high performance composites existed, traditional slate roofing was viewed as one of the best roofing materials known to man. Offering both traditional natural beauty and good longevity, it has been sought after as a high end product for over 100 years.

As beautiful as traditional slate is, it has many limitations and is no longer the industry top performer. Paragon has reinvented slate roofing by taking the natural beauty of real slate and enhancing its performance as a composite roofing material that meets the demands of today’s world.

Paragon developed a new version of slate roofing that minimizes installation time and keeps costs affordable. Per roofing square foot, Paragon composite slate roofing is lower in price than traditional slate and other composite roofing options. Paragon slate roofing is also backed by a Lifetime Warranty.

Composite Slate roofing

Paragon Natura Slate brings an unrivaled realistic look to the roofline with the most variation of any composite roofing slate. Natura Slate roofing features 12 different unique patterns, consisting of 21 different images. This unique design offers 33% more variation than the nearest competitor, making it the most realistic composite slate installation on the market.

Natura Slate is one of thickest composite slates available in the market, featuring the only slate system with a 5/8 of an inch thick reveal in the industry, giving it a beautiful unrivaled look. Paragon did not want to go thicker with the reveal as we have received feedback over many years that anything over 5/8 of an inch tends to over power the look and take away from the complete vision of the architecture of a home. Natura Slate is the only system in the industry having three available profiles to chose from. You can pick from any of the three profiles, being multi-width staggered course slate, multi-width straight course slate, and single width slate. Most of our competition requires more pieces per square equaling increased cost in materials and installation to achieve a staggered look. Natura Slate is the same price for all three profiles with no difference in installation cost, unlike our competiiton. This, along with the custom coloring capabilities offered by Paragon, means your slate roofing will not only look realistic, but it will also reflect your own personal style. Paragon can even match that 100 year old slate coloring that does not exist any longer among today’s slate roofing options.

Let your creativity flow and enhance the beauty of your home by installing a Paragon slate roof. You can rest assured knowing that Paragon has your home protected from above.

Evergreen Slate
Evergreen Slate
Ask about our Custom Colors

Standard Colors

Paragon can develop any custom color you’d like, even color match an existing home or roof.

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  • Highest quality synthetic slate available
  • Best priced composite slate on the market without compromising quality
  • Industry leader in delivery times
  • Available in multi-width staggered, multi-width straight, and single width straight course designs. (Ask us for more information)
  • Lightest composite slate on the market
  • Truly gun nailable, easy to install
  • Exceeds Class 4 impact
  • 85 pieces per square with a 12” exposure, fewer fasteners needed.
  • Extremely durable
  • Class A or C Fire
  • Protects environment by utilizing recycled plastics
  • Authentic appearance for economical alternative to natural slate
  • Available in both variegated colors and solid colors
  • Custom color matching available
  • Multi-width imaging taken from actual quarried slate
  • Designed with a spacing tab for ease of installation
  • Profile thickness from 5/8″


  • 85 pieces per square with 12” exposure
  • 230 lbs. per roofing square
  • L 17 1/8” x W 13 1/8”, exposure 12”
  • Weight: 2.7 lbs. per piece
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  • Eave Starter: 14 1/2” long
  • Hip and Ridge Cap: L 16 ¼” x W 10 ¾” x H 9 ¼”
  • Solids: L 17” x W 7 ½” x H 7”