Composite Spanish Tile Roofing

A Spanish tile roof is a desirable look, traditionally only found in clay or concrete tile. It features a one-piece curved design which provides a pattern of distinctive ripples across the surface of a roof. Paragon has developed a composite high-barrel Spanish tile roofing that offers this classic look, but in a lightweight design that is suitable for any roofing project.

Paragon Roof Systems’ composite high barrel Spanish roofing tile is unique to the synthetic roofing industry.  Paragon’s Spanish Tile Roofing is the only composite barrel roof tile roof on the market to replicate clay high barrel tile.  This beautiful profile offers homeowners a distinctive tile that makes a lasting impression.  Paragon’s composite Spanish tile roofs are a great alternative to clay or concrete tile as not only does the weight factor prove important for the structural integrity of a roof, but the durability enjoyed over concrete makes Paragon a desirable choice. 

Paragon synthetic Spanish roof tiles have only 85 pieces per roofing square and weigh 230 pounds per square, making it an extremely versatile and revolutionary roofing product and the industry’s only faux high barrel lightweight clay tiles. Responding to consumer demand, Paragon has developed high-barrel Spanish tile roofing that is truly gun nailable. It also features an auto-locating nail gun guide for easy installation.

Composite Spanish Tile Roofing

Standard Colors

Paragon can develop any custom color you’d like, even color match an existing home or roof.

Terra Cotta
Steel Tan
Canyon Creek

Traditional Spanish tile can only be hand nailed, so with most Spanish tile manufacturers, gun nailing their product means risking the chance of damage and voiding the warranty. This can result in wasted time and unanticipated costs due to special non-stocked nail requirements. These problems are never an issue with Paragon composite Spanish tile roofing.

Featuring a 14” reveal, Paragon’s composite Spanish high barrel roofing tile has less tile per roofing square than any other synthetic tile on the market.  This translates to handling less pieces and using fewer fasteners saving time and resources.   Add to this the superior durability and revolutionary coloring process, and Paragon Natura Spanish high barrel roofing tile is by far the best value in the composite roofing market. 

As far as being earth friendly, no one in the industry can match the amount of recycled savings to the environment as Paragon Roof Systems. Green Roofs have been a focus of our inventor since the inception of all of his products. To date he has saved the environment an estimated 76 million plus pounds of plastic from reaching our oceans and our landfills. Paragon knows of no one else that is even close to this accomplishment. And this accounts for recycled roofing only and not any of the other products invented by our inventor for other industries.  We are leading the charge in green roofs

All of Paragons products are tested and managed through third party accredited test labs. There is no other Spanish Barrel Tile in the industry that compares to the Paragon Roof Systems Natura High Barrel faux lightweight clay roof tiles

Paragon’s Natura product lines’ impact resistance exceeds any of the previous products that have been developed by our inventor and lead the industry, not only in impact performance but also in impact warranty.   Making it the highest impact rated and highest hail warranted synthetic tile roofing products in the market.

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  • Highest quality and lightest composite tile available
  • Designed with revolutionary nail gun guide for ease of installation
  • Made from 100% recycled plastic for positive environmental impact
  • Durable design for impact and hail resistance
  • Economical alternative to clay or concrete roof tiles
  • Available in both variegated and solid colors


  • 85 pieces per square with 14” exposure
  • 230 lbs. Per roofing square
  • 17 1/8” x 13 1/8”, exposure 14”
  • Weight: 2.7 lbs. per piece
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  • Eave Starter: 12” long
  • Ridge Closure: 12” long
  • Hip and Ridge Cap: L 16 ¼” x W 10 ¾” x H 9 ¼”
  • Hip Starter: L 17 ½” x W 9 ¾” x H 9 ¼”
  • End Cap: H 2” x W 11”
  • Rake: L 17” x W 7 ½” x H 7”